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Marie is a curious and open-minded musician. With a focus on chamber music, she enjoys playing with a variety of groups such as The Guastalla Quartet and Ensemble Nova Luce, as well as new-music groups Mainly Two, rarescale and the Riot Ensemble.

Marie is in high demand as an orchestral player, often in principal positions, with orchestras around the UK including BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Welsh National Opera, BBC Scottish Symphony Orhestra and Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. She is currently sub-principal first violin with the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

Her passion for music, not limited to the classical genre, has brought her onto major concert hall stages and festivals across Europe and South America. Over the last few years, she has collaborated with a number of artists from varying genres, such as Jonny Greenwood, Stewart Copeland, Rick Wakeman, and John Williams (guitar) as well as pursuing her own non-classical projects, most recently her string quartet’s jazz project Four Plus Three with which she regularly tours the UK.

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0 Produced With Love 1 X 2 Live at Listenpony HART 3 The Reasons Dont Change
4 wurl 5 Live at Listenpony HART 6 Selene Music for Contemporary Dance 7 Four Plus Three
8 London Electronic Orchestra 9 Collaborations No. 2 10 ALMA 11 One One One
12 Collaborations No. 1 13 Live Konk Studios 14 attached detached 15 Synergy
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